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8 Great Ideas For Wedding Party Gifts

8 Great Ideas For Wedding Party Gifts

Traditionally, the bride and groom give the people in their wedding party a token of their appreciation for standing by them on the big day. But just because giving a gift is traditional, doesn’t mean that the gift itself has to be. Why stick with the boring cufflinks and earrings? Challenge yourself to find cool gifts that your people will love.

For the Guys:

Gift cards
Men are far more acceptable of gift cards or certificates, especially if they are from places they love, like home improvement centers, office supply stores, sporting goods stores, book stores, music stores and online retailers.

Groomsmen paintball
Treat your pals to a full day of adrenaline-fueled fun on the battlefield. Nothing says thanks for introducing me to your sister like a direct hit in the head with a colored ball of paint. Group excursions will provide war stories that can be cherished for years. Relax after battle at a local pub and pick up the tab. These also make great bachelor parties.

Men of leisure
Indulge the leisurely pleasures with items like bar accessories, cigar cutters, imported cigars, poker sets, flasks or high quality whiskey. Give the gifts and then find some time for all of you to enjoy them together. Make sure each gift is catered to the individual and that they will enjoy the item.

Gadgets and gizmos
Let’s face it, men like toys. Tech toys, gadgets and other things to play with are always fun ways to say thanks. Some ideas can include mp3 players, survival tools, cool timepieces, flash drives, games, remote control vehicles, blue tooth products or other computer related fun items.

For the Gals:

Pamper me
Give a gift that will make your wedding party feel good long after the reception. Include items like spa slippers, soft body wraps or gift certificates to local spas or massage. Relaxation baskets are also a welcome with scented soap, candles, oils, lotions, personal grooming tools, facial masks and aromatherapy items.

Worldly inspiration
Offer gifts that span the globe with fun jewelry from import stores. Put together a package that can include incense, teas, oils and jewelry from countries all over the world. Other items could include sarongs, passport covers, travel bags, or even henna tattoo kits.

Women of leisure
Don’t let the guys have all the fun! Offer your gal pals items like flasks, top shelf vodka, bar accessories, custom wine charms or quality chocolates. While the guys have poker night, the girls can have book club. Just bring extra wine and leave the book at home.

Cool in the kitchen
Offer fun and interesting kitchen items as gifts that will add style to any home. Cater the gift to the individual to find just the right item. Quality knives, martini or wine glass sets, fun appliances and other kitchen gadgets can be personalized or added to cool gift packages.

A thoughtful gift shows how much you care about people and that you really appreciate their support. Base your choices off of the personality of the individual. These gifts are as much a reflection of you as they are your wedding party. Purchased or handcrafted, packaged or personalized, wedding party gifts help make the big day an event everyone will remember.