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A Touch of Morocco – Moroccan Pouffes and Cowhide Rugs

A Touch of Morocco – Moroccan Pouffes and Cowhide Rugs

Morocco exists on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so imagine the excitement of Morocco with its stimulating combination of spirituality and sensuality, living up the culture of thousands of years.

The signature of Moroccan style is vibrantly coloured homes, carefully decorated walls and tiled courtyards with mesmerising fountains and little ponds that are accompanied by palm trees and lush fauna.

Inside the house, the Moroccan style often incorporates colourful tile combinations, recognisable for their small size and flair for colours and shapes. As all the tiles in Morocco are wood-fired, there are natural variations in each piece, making each tile unique. Extravagant taste is also found in paintings, rustic cowhide rugs, pottery, and unique pieces of soft furniture such as traditional Moroccan pouffes and foot stools. Moroccan style is mostly about a striking contrast in colours and patterns, adding rich fabrics and hand painted furniture to achieve a charming, yet very rustic effect.

Colours in the Moroccan theme are always warm, predominantly shades of Terracotta and oranges, which reminds us of the beautiful Arabian nights and faraway sands. Also blue is a fundamental colour in Moroccan interior design, with a large influence from the sea, making dark blue and turquoise very popular choices for hallways, window frames or outdoor window shutters. Other striking and very typical Moroccan colours are oxblood and rust, emerald greens, sometimes even soft pinks. Old wooden furniture is pained in orangey reds, blues and yellows.

Floors are often seen as rich terracotta tile. Woven carpets and rustic cowhide rugs often decorate Moroccan floors.

Furniture should be distinct and lush, often covered in cowhide, goat or camel skin. Modern approach to Moroccan decorating consists of rustic cowhide leather in combination with wood, colourful cushions, pouffes and plants.

Fabrics used for soft furnishings include beading or embroidery on sophisticated silk, linen, wool and velvet. Moroccan homes traditionally highlight country textiles for bedspreads, pillows and curtains, and for that final element of comfort, leather pouffes should be placed generously throughout the house.

Little decorating accessories, such as pottery, lighting and other items are characterized by variety of colour and attention to detail. Adding a touch of Morocco to your home can be achieved in many different ways. Pottery comes in beautiful vibrant colours, shades of greens, yellows and oranges. Large Terracotta pots are placed in gardens or courtyards.

Last but certainly not the least, Moroccan lighting can add quite an exotic atmosphere to any Moroccan home. Stained glass lanterns and henna lamps as well as candles are used outdoors or anywhere else inside the home, adding a beautiful glow throughout the home.

To summarise the magic of Morocco is created with the use of rich a rich colour palette, splendid handcrafted rugs and exclusive decorating fabrics uses in home furnishings, window decoration, Moroccan furniture and accessories. The contrast created between thick rugs and delicate textures such as silk cushions, canopy style curtains, Moroccan leather pouffes, glass, cast iron lanterns, dark wood furniture and exquisite handmade tiles generates a comfortable, yet practical Moroccan styled home.