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Best and Worst Tattooing Techniques

Best and Worst Tattooing Techniques

The propensity for getting a tattoo has increased significantly over the years. We all know what tattoos are symbolic and decoratively aesthetic skin markings in the forms of symbols, shapes, signs and letters, which are etched on by infusing tattooing ink and pigments into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. There are various ways of doing this. Here, we will explore the best and worst tattooing techniques ever!

One of the best ways of getting a tattoo is to use a tattooing gun. Tattooing guns are accurate, fast and sharp enough to pierce the skin over and over. There are a lot of different styles of tattooing guns on the market, most of which use extremely sharp needles. Although other tattooing guns without needles also exist, they do not do well with fine lines and intricate designs. Tattoo guns which use single needles are the best, and the needles have to be disposed off after use. Always ensure that you get a new needle before the gun starts hitting your skin; you’re likely to end up with an infection if you do not!

Also, the person wielding the gun must be experienced. If the skin is broken, your tattoo will end up looking horrid. Also, if the needle goes deeper releasing the ink into the third layer of the skin, you’re likely to get an infection from the pigment used. This is why you should always avoid getting jailhouse tattoos!

Color is an important factor in tattoos. For aesthetic appeal, tattoos should blend with your body shape and look balanced in its hues, e.g. black with white. A tattoo that follows the shape of your body has massive appeal compared to one that doesn’t. Always go with a tattoo artist who is naturally talented as well as one who has had a lot of experience in this field!

Technically, tattoos as a type of body art involve implantation of micro pigments, which is said to be a form of body modification. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years, although in those times, symbolic value overshadowed aesthetic appeal. In the past, tattooists never used different needles on people, which is why the risk of infection was great. Even today, if proper sanitary measures and precautions are not taken, getting a tattoo can lead to infections and even death.

Electronic tattoo guns are the newest tattooing technique on the market. Using these machines, many needles attached to a bar pierce the skin, releasing the ink into it. This is an ultra-fast process requiring a lot of accuracy, since the needles penetrate the skin at the rate of hundred thousand times per minute! The results of this procedure are beautiful, if the gun is handled carefully by a skilled tattoo artist!

Hence, always go for the expert tattoo artists, as they have the knowledge and skills to get you your dream tattoo! After all, your tattoo is going to be on you for as long as you live, so do not take any chances; go for the best!