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Dubai Holidays – Help & Advice

Dubai Holidays – Help & Advice

Lying directly within the Arabian Desert, Dubai is one of the seven emirates and the most populous state of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a sea of large golden sand dunes glowing like a garnet in a golden ring, the farther East is a sight to be seen, as opposed to the South where gravel deserts dominate much of the region.

Temperatures remain high throughout the year, however, the summer months see extreme temperatures of around 40 degree celsius and the winter average at 23 degree Celsius.

Dubai attracts people from around the world to see this unique state and its synthetic structures. With sky scraper hotels being erected across the coast and even in the sea, Dubai is unlike any other destination bringing so much diversity to one place. With Jumeirah beach being the most popular for sun worshippers, luxurious hotels dominate the coast line offering the infamous and only 6* hotel in the world; the Burj al Arab. The Burj al Arab stands on its own island off the coast and offers contemporary accommodation, sumptuous menu’s and service like no other. If you can tear yourself away from your room, jump in a taxi (or chauffer driven Rolls Royce if you’re staying in the Burj al Arab) and head over to Dubai city. The city offers the fantastic, traditional souk where you can find many bargains, restaurants and hotel bars where you can relax after a hard days sunbathing, Mosques where you can sense the strict Muslim orthodox, where the people come everyday to prey.

There’s much to do whilst on your holiday in Dubai, for the adventurous, take a trip on a hot air balloon; from the heart of the desert you’ll begin your magic carpet ride over the Arabic desert. Watch over the hot desert sands glowing like a garnet in a golden ring and spot the odd camel or gazelle wandering around endlessly. For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the sand, take a 4/4 desert safari ride. Here you’ll travel by a 4wd, head down the sand dunes and jump off to try a spot of sand boarding, the ultimate in excitement, exhilaration and a day full of laughs. You’ll be given the chance to ride a camel, have your hands & feet painted in traditional henna designs, enjoy a bbq dinner under the stars whilst watching a belly dancer perform for your pleasure around the camp fire…and not to forget, the good old shisha pipes!

Depending on which hotel you choose, there are some great bargains to be had when booking your holidays to Dubai. The majority of people travel for 7-10 nights but do remember when booking, the period of Ramadan runs between August – September and during this period you should not eat, drink or smoke in public, this could cause offence to practising Muslims. Alcohol will not be served in most bars until 7pm although most major hotels will cater for westerners by having their bars and restaurants open as per usual. So, whether you prefer the hectic city life or a relaxing hotel based trip on Jumeirah beach, your Dubai holidays will bring you everything you could possibly wish for and much much more.