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How Deep Is Your “Holo” for Holographic Nail Polish?

How Deep Is Your “Holo” for Holographic Nail Polish?

Nail polish is such a cool concept! While sparkly nails are divine, you must know that Holographic Nail Polish are magical. However, the idea that states ‘everything that glitters is not gold’ do relate here. This word is loosely being thrown around for anything that’s bright, shimmery or sparkly.

The beauty of holographic nails is that it’s reflective and is a color changing nail polish. It’s no less than a rainbow peeping out of your hands. Don’t settle for a single or double coat to make it look enchanting when you have Holographic nail polish. Well let me give you a more polished idea to get you super excited. As if the sole idea of having holographic design dancing on your nails isn’t enough, let me tell you there are three different kinds. They are:

• Holo glitter
• Holo linear
• Holo scattered

Made of prismatic pigments, iridescent and powders, so basically when you come under the sunlight the reflection that is displayed from your fingertips leaves you being the centre of attraction in every person’s eyes.

Holographic nail polish has become the “RAGE” on the internet. The day beauty sensations world-wide got holographic manicures done, the app Instagram was bombarded with glitter nails shining enormously and relentlessly. From earthy hues to metallic and pastels, just push your nails in the holographic universe and let the eyes of the envious cry.

Application Process

It’s a simple procedure with not much ado. Your requirements will only be limited to base nail paint, gel polish, and brush with fine cuticles and of course holographic powder. Follow the simple steps below and be completely mesmerized.
• You need to first start with applying a basecoat. It could be among any of your favorite colors. Wait for it to settle as a fine coating consume the paint easily and completely emitting a fine shimmer.
• Now the application of two coats of gel paint is required. Make sure the base coat has dried off. Also, ensure the quality of the gel paint you are using since it can cause your nails to turn brittle.
• Meanwhile, throw in some holographic magic on your beautifully coated nails. Sprinkle it with joy of amazing result and also take care of the edges.
• You can again cover it beautifully with the gel coat if you want.
• Clean the edges free from messy powder around.
• You are now ready to flaunt it where ever you want and end up looking stunning.

The obsession with this Holographic nail polish is flourishing as each day passes. This pretty little thing has almost become a luxurious entity for many. While it’s available online and at many other stores, checking the collections will be worth your while.

Nevertheless, do not try to convince us otherwise regarding this nail art, because this one is the prettiest one so far. One could gawk at it all day. It might be a problem at work when you are totally frenzied by it or you might just end up upsetting your boyfriend, since you just cannot find anything better than Holographic Nail Shine, so be careful. It definitely will make your day and lift your mood. So, don’t wait anymore and grab your “Nail-icious” Holographic nail polish today! Also it might just make your bad day better.