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Importance of Great Hotel Photography

Importance of Great Hotel Photography

For a hotel with online or traditional media presence, visuals are an important tool to leave a first impression, form perception and maintain reputation. Still photographs are either disseminated through print or online media, such as website, social media platforms or blogs, etc. Difference between a great photo gallery and an average one can be detrimental to the bookings and reservation for any hotel business. Eloquently taken photos can offer the viewer a perfect preview of the property and showcase its true essence and quality. It is recommended that a hotel’s website should have at least twelve high quality and expressive images that could potentially persuade online visitors into real life guests.

Hotel owners must understand that photography is an emotional thing. Stimulating photographs can evoke certain emotions and feelings in viewers and trigger actions stemming from those emotions. This power of vivid imagery can be utilized by hospitality business owners to promote feelings of positivity and wellness in their potential guests regardless of the medium. Great photographs which can turn viewings into sales are a combined result of sound and state of the art techniques and skills and instinct of the photographer.

An ideal photo shoot should begin with an initial meeting and recce of the property, noting down and deciding about the locations to be shot. This preliminary plan should also include a specific time plan and the final delivery of images. A stylist must also be arranged by the photography agency so the appropriate props can be set, for example arranging flowers, or steaming and starching the furnishing, silver and glassware. In hotel photography, props can make a huge difference to the final appearance of the images and an extensive kit can be used from crystal vases, trays, to soaps and pillow cases to many other accessories that can make a distinction to the overall presentation.

Model casting is also important and a specialized hair and makeup artists can use their skills to give photos an additional touch. For food and beverage photography, food stylists can play an important role in offering a fine tuning of the items to be photographed. In hospitality business many elements combine to give a hotel its elegant and distinctive ambience and atmosphere. The details in the location, d├ęcor, styling and all other basics that are usually concealed can be enhanced and eloquently presented by the keen vision of an experienced photographer.

A great quality hotel marketing agency will offer a full range service to properties at a value for money, without a compromise on the quality of final product. It is no secret that when it comes to hospitality marketing, appearance matters! Powerful visuals can leave a remarkable first impression that can turn a viewing on website or magazine into a reservation and bring in revenue for a hotel.