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Love Your Country – Get an Eagle Tattoo

Love Your Country – Get an Eagle Tattoo

Meaning of an eagle tattoo

People associate different meanings with an eagle tattoo. There have been individuals, whether in America or in Egypt, who were worshippers of eagles. For other people, eagles are symbolic of the sun; for others, eagles symbolize liberty or freedom. It is also associated with power, strength and wealth. But for most people in America, the eagle is a symbol of patriotism as it is depicted on flags, in the military, and in tattoos too! So, if you are a real patriot and are looking for a symbolic tattoo design, you could also select an eagle tattoo for yourself.


There are several types of an eagle tattoo, such as the ones mentioned below.

Bald tattoo: This depicts one of the most powerful and elegant birds in this world. With its head in white, bill in yellow and body in black and brown, this type of tattoo looks amazing on the skin. You could have a close-up design for this bald eagle tattoo or it can be made to look like it’s in flight against a colorful background.

Patriotic tattoo: If you have a deep love for your country, go for this patriotic eagle tattoo design. You can probably choose the colors of the American flag as a background to it.

Golden tattoo: This dark brown eagle would also look stylish if placed on a detailed background setting.

Mexican tattoo: These kinds of tattoos are usually done with an ink in a single dark color and look attractive. But, since this tattoo is inspired by the Mexican flag, keep your tattoo respectful even if you add some bright colors to it.

Wolf and tattoo: This tattoo is becoming quite popular nowadays. These are often created with a fantasy look and look great on the body.

Tribal tattoo: In a dark ink, this kind of tattoo looks great while being symbolic of strength, power and wisdom.

Flag and eagle tattoo: This is a fantastic style for a patriotic tattoo and you can get various combinations of designs made using a flag and an eagle.

Coloring and placement

Eagle tattoos can look awesome when done in a single dark-colored ink as they stand out in a single color. They offer a softer look when any color is added to them. Mostly, you will find that the colors used for an eagle are black, golden brown, yellow, white and dark brown. For an American flag, the colors used are obviously red, blue and white.

If you are going for a small-sized tattoo, get it made on your lower leg, forearm or base of the neck. However, this tattoo looks better in large or medium size. These sizes can be selected for eagles placed on your chest, waist, shoulder, back, upper arm and upper leg. Check out the eagle tattoo designs available with your artist and ask him or her to offer you a more in-depth consultation on this type of tattooing.