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Mandap Hire – Important Factors to Consider

Mandap Hire – Important Factors to Consider

A Hindu wedding is regarded as a 4-5 days occasion. After the engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, etc. the d-day arrives. On this day wedding rituals are performed with bride and groom under a mandap (many times a temporary set up, with roof & pillars and without walls), in front of all the family members, relatives and friends invited. These rituals connect the bride and groom in a very pious and firm bond. A Chuppah to a Jewish Ceremony is equal to a Mandap in a Hindu Ceremony.

That is why ‘Mandap’ is considered the most prominent place and happens to be the most attractive location of wedding venue. Apart from the traditional way it is now decorated in a contemporary manner and is matched with the entire wedding theme.

How to hire a Mandap?

Naturally, we get a lot of questions and doubts when it comes to hiring a wedding venue draping for mandap. It is important to gather as much information as possible to make this job easier. Indian families are adamant to maintain their tradition and culture and thus, most of their weddings have more than two days of events and religious acts. All these acts have deep meaning and are being followed by their forefathers for centuries. It is an eternal part of Hindu weddings, and the couple ties the knot under it.

Talking about the structure – it is a kind of patio, caved with wood or other material and is decorated with fabric draping and other material. When you are planning an Indian wedding, a mandap hire is an integral step. You need to think about a lot of points including the visual statement, the guests, the theme of wedding and others. Some of the major points of consideration include:


Consider the stage or floor size at your venue and assess what size will suit the setting. It is crucial that the mandap looks good on the site and goes well with the theme of the wedding. Hire a mandap that is customizable or adjustable. Put your preferred scheme of colors and design for individual taste.

Style of your wedding

Obviously, the bride and the groom are the centers of attention during the marriage night and mandap, being an integral part of the wedding, must be selected as per their choice. Fabric mandap, wooden mandap or some else venue draping, you can look for n number of varieties in the market.


It is an expensive process, usually dependent on the quality, level of services, size, decoration, theme, flowers, chair covers and another factor. It is best to stick to your budget and tell the company or wedding organizer about the same. You can easily get solutions for all size of resources.


It is the priest or pundit, who is the ideal person to comment on the proper position. You can also choose a spot where the guests can have a good view and the wedding venue being visible in the background. You can also discuss this thing with the organizer.