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Plantar Warts Removal – Alternative Treatments Anyone Can Use Immediately

Plantar Warts Removal – Alternative Treatments Anyone Can Use Immediately

Plantar wart removal is possible if you visit your doctor and diagnose plantar warts in the initial stage. Many podiatrists will advise you to remove plantar warts because they are irritating and painful. Anyway, it is also wise to take few preventive measures in order to avoid warts. Factors such as repeated human papilloma virus (HPV) exposure and weak immune system are also mainly responsible for plantar warts.

Over the counter medications cannot be the best alternative in the plantar warts removal process. Such medications contain chemicals that can easily damage the healthy tissues surrounding the wart. Applying mild acid such as salicylic acid, cantharidin, dichloroacetic acid, can be best alternative in some cases. Still, it is wise to consult with the doctor before selecting alternative treatments of plantar warts.

Cryotherapy is another effective alternative to destroy completely the virus. In cyrotherapy you will be treated by using liquid nitrogen in order to freeze your wart. The liquid nitrogen will be directly applied on the plantar wart surface by using spray-tip or cotton-tip applicator. This type of plantar warts removal method can be very painful especially if you are treating small kids. Anyway, you can get rid of plantar warts at rapid pace if the solution can penetrate far enough.

Duct tape plantar warts removal method is mostly preferred by people rather than cyrotherapy and acid treatment. The process is quite simple and you only need to apply duct tape to the affected area for six days. Then you can wash, dry, and rub the dead skin with nail file or pumice stone. Well, this removal process is a lengthy process and may take up to eight weeks in some cases.

In addition, laser treatments can be effective in some cases. This procedure is more expensive and might be painful in many cases. Electrodessication surgical option is also an effective alternative but tends to leave a mark on your foot. You also have the option of selecting non-surgical alternatives such as anti-wart medications and immunotherapy where doctors inject antigens directly into the wart.


Well, the first step in plantar warts removal process is to fix an appointment with your doctor in order to ensure that your problem is related to plantar warts. Try and wear shower sandals in public areas, dry your feet after shower and swimming, keep your feet dry and clean, check your children’s feet regularly, and avoid direct contacts with warts on other people’s body.