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Practical Rabbit Care Tips

Practical Rabbit Care Tips

Have you seen a rabbit? Are you planning to own one? If you do, then you are probably attracted to their fury and cuddly appearance. It is easy to love them because they are adorable and cute. Like other animals, they need proper care and attention. To gain insights and tips on how to properly take care of rabbits, read the article below.

Owning a pet is a worthwhile experience for both adults and children. Like cats and dogs, rabbits are among the preferred pets of pet owners because they are not costly to maintain and they do not require huge space for their living quarters.

It is not enough that you provide them with food, vitamins and cage, but you need to ensure that they are well taken care of, otherwise you will be violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Attributes of Rabbits

They love to lounge, relax, listen, jump, eat and sleep. They are curious, inquisitive, affectionate and playful. They are careful animals because they do not settle down easily on new environment because they familiarize themselves with their new environment before they settle down and before they feel comfortable.

Even though they are not as expensive and complicated to care, you need a good understanding of their behavior to take care of them properly.

Practical guidelines in caring for rabbits:

  • Hutch and bedding – They are not as fussy as other pets around because you can keep them either indoors or outdoors. When choosing a hutch or cage, choose one which is large enough for them to roam and to play around. Their living quarters should be weatherproof and must be out of direct rays of the sun and strong winds. Be sure they have shredded newspaper, straw or wood chippings as their bedding and their enclosure should be escape-proof and durable enough against predators.
  • Handling – Because they are nervous and shy and they need lots of handling to get their trust.
  • Diet – They have sensitive digestive system, thus, you should be careful in choosing what food to give them. Be sure to give them a balanced diet to keep their health at peak always. Give them coarse hay or straw to munch on or to chew to prevent them from getting bored. Give them rabbit food mix, pellets, fresh carrots, lettuce and lots of water.
  • Exercise – Like any other pets around, they need to have regular exercise to keep their muscle strong.
  • Cleaning – Be sure to regularly clean their cage to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and to prevent foul smell. Be sure to keep their bedding fresh and clean by regularly replacing old hay with new ones.
  • Grooming – Even though they can keep themselves clean, you can buy small grooming brush and mitts to remove mud or droppings from their coats. Be sure to brush their fur according to its direction and trim their nails regularly.
  • Health – Be sure to bring them to the veterinarian for regular check ups. Make sure they have bright, clear eyes and free from excess wax. Their nose should be free from any form of discharge and their gums should be pink and free from ulcers or redness. Stroke their body and asses for any signs of lumps, unevenness or loss of fur. Be sure that your pet is not overweight.

By following the suggestions and tips above, you can take care of your pet rabbit effectively.