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“Right Into the Glitter” – A Desire Expressed by Your Glitter Nails

“Right Into the Glitter” – A Desire Expressed by Your Glitter Nails

Remind me if there is even one person on the planet who doesn’t go ape-shit on that sparkle. It’s so fierce that we can’t help but incline it into our personality. I believe that we all are strong beautiful women who must feel empowered to rejoice our inner freak and radical character. I’m talking about all that glitter and femininity that we should embrace rather snuffing it with matte and neutrals.

Well, we can’t even refer glitter nails as ‘sophisticated’ since they honestly make us feel giddy and lose our calm composure, but is also quiet elegant. One cannot deny their love for such a pretty thing that sparkles sporadically. So you would definitely like to read ahead if you are obsessed with the stunning glitter shine that shines all the way to your heart.

As you know there can be millions of ways to apply this radiance, you should be aware that a polished look also gives remarkable details to your entire outfit. Following ideas could give you a different mind-set regarding that gorgeous lustre.

• Gold glitter
You can sprinkle this glitter on many shades but saturation of blue can really make it magical. Especially something like turquoise can nail it. After applying this beautiful color you can dip your fingers in gold glitter and take out exceptionally gorgeous glitter nails.

• Aquamarine
Some people out there consider glitter on bright colors as heavenly combination. But choosing the right bright side for your nails is also a task. Glitter on aquamarine can actually blow your mind off if you haven’t seen it yet. You can also experience it with a glossier filled look by applying additional coat.

• Colorful glitter
This one can actually give you a look of 3D nails if applied meticulously. If you are already playing with fire then you might as well play with it patiently. You can first apply black as your basecoat and then carefully start placing all the colorful glitter on it with dotting tool dipped into water. Add a top coat if you are wishing for your texture to be smoother.

• Rose glitter
Make it all rose ladies. For this you require beige or rose pink shade for the base coat and then cover it with rose gold glitter. Aah! That look is just incredible and always gets me in awe of it. I can never be tired of looking at this piece of art.

• Ruby slippers
If you are not interested in putting much time for the nail art then you can go for a simpler look but definitely breath-taking one. It could be less ambitious but highly eye- catching. Crimson enamel can do the deal for great glitter nails.

• Matte with tinge of glitter
If you want to make heads turn then this is it. Apply Black matte as your base coat and decide the shape for your glitter on top of it. It could be spiked or any other way you like but keep it neat and clean. If you want crystals falling out of your hands then be it, no one’s stopping you girl.

So if you want your world to revolve around galaxies then take your glitter nails seriously. Trust me when I say it’s overwhelming when you are inside the glitter dwellings.