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Shamanic Divination – An Exploration Of Common Divination Procedures

Shamanic Divination – An Exploration Of Common Divination Procedures

Shamanism is not a system of belief or faith, it is a program of knowledge, and divination is a single of the paths to achieve immediate expertise. Direct know-how can be outlined as that which is knowledgeable very first hand by the senses. Divination is not ‘fortune telling’, it is a way to a further knowing of activities and influences bordering a situation or man or woman. Divination has generally been an integral aspect of shamanism. A person of the most crucial roles of the shaman has been to find revelatory information from visionary resources, which may perhaps be for healing uses, “why has this particular person grow to be ill?” “what drugs does this person have to have?, or crucial communal requires “the place are the herds of caribou?”, divination is also typically used to get that means from dreams and visions.

Divination is as aged as humanity, but sadly in mainstream Western society it has been regarded as some thing primitive, irrational, and pandering to superstition. Divination is merely a way of revealing the fact. The diviner reveals or uncovers to their customer hidden truths about on their own, or the situations bordering them. In societies outside the West, divining continues to enjoy an important purpose, revealing that which is concealed, easing nervousness, and helping in coming to phrases with challenging conditions that could desire the implementation of complicated selections.

In divination, the position of the shaman is to act as a mediator or ‘middle-man’. The shaman by checking out and providing the original looking at and interpretation lets the seeker of this details to keep away from projecting personal needs, wants, and wishes if the question or scenario is emotionally charged.

The Multi-dimensional Cosmos of the shaman

In shamanism, there is yet another form of time, not linear or sequential but a time which is one particular one minute. This huge ever relocating moment has no boundaries which individual the past, present and foreseeable future. This is a time in which anything which has ever occurred to any individual wherever, somewhere it is nonetheless occurring. The shaman travels ‘outside’ of linear time into this extensive endless at any time-going minute to seek out the information at the position exactly where this event is occurring.

A person of the key gateways to this broad instant of time or common consciousness is our own powers of creativity coupled with the 3 fundamental rules of expanded perception


All actions commence with an intention, a wish for a specific end result. The principle of intention operates on two concentrations, the evident , ‘this is what I want to do’, and the refined stage, i.e. it is a signal or warn to electricity to be prepared to move to a particular vacation spot.

2.Believe in

Rely on is an ineffable high-quality, it is knowledgeable in the overall body, not the intellect. Believe in takes time, and to get have confidence in we need to have responses which possibly instantly or indirectly validates our working experience. With have faith in our encounters and assurance in our actions boost considerably.


This is about the application and focus of strength and intention. Attention is not ‘hard-work’ however it requirements regularity, to place your consciousness at the interface of events or areas….. Power flows wherever Consideration goes.

Divinatory solutions

The shamans employed quite a few various techniques for divination, both means trying to get patterns in
organic objects and situations, or using strategies to instantly get concealed understanding. An instance of the previous could be the exercise of divination with rocks.

Rock Divination

To do this the common observe is for the seeker seems for a rock whilst holding the question in the head, finally there will be a rock which stands out or ‘metaphorically’ shouts out “me, me!”. Right here is an opportunity to exercise the theory of have confidence in!. As a useful suggestion the a lot more faceted and inner types the rock has the superior as more sides and designs signify more depth will be accessible to the reader. The seeker really should then give the rock to the shaman or practitioner and condition the concern. The shaman (who is familiar with as small as attainable about the questioner or the conditions pertaining to the concern) will gently aim on the rock and allow for designs to form within the creativity. The shaman could ask the seeker to condition the issue a few situations as this helps to deepen the trance state of recognition, to the place exactly where the shapes and designs in the rock turn into a ‘gateway’ directly into the common area of power, and images, pictures, terms, thoughts will start to variety in just the shaman’s becoming. Each rock face signifies a various factor of the dilemma, and the preliminary response is typically “exactly where the questioner is at this second”, and this leads to other rock faces, each individual rock deal with exposing and presenting an expanded watch of the remedy. To me individually this function is great, mysterious and poetic, and I have observed that is as if a person’s lifetime tale is contained in a rock.

Sunbeam Divination Journey

An example of a distinct approach to uncover concealed know-how is the Sunbeam divination journey of the Labrador Naskapi shamans. This journey has a solitary particular intent to uncover out the actual physical locale of a particular person, object, or position the place an event will get position. In this follow no facts will be provided about the item, individual etc only it can be site. A single can see the usefulness and practicality of this technique, for instance to help hunters identify recreation animals, or the to come across out and rescue a lost member of the tribe and so on. I have utilised this follow numerous times generally to identify misplaced keys or the wallet of a customer!

An Workout – Naskapi Sunbeam Divination Journey.

1st meditate or replicate on what you want to locate or know the whereabouts of, try to remember the very first principle of Intention. When prepared, obtain a area wherever you will not be disturbed for 50 percent hour or so, darken the space, and lay down and loosen up. Take note: It is most effective if you have tape for shamanic journeying drumming (which will smooth the transition into expanded states of awareness). In the creativity, the start-pad into multi-dimensional perception, go to a location where by you can visualise, understand, or feeling remaining in the open up landscape. Feeling remaining absolutely in this put, encounter your feet on the floor and the ground pushing up in opposition to the soles of your toes, experience the air and the wind on your face, develop into totally current in this landscape, and when ready glance up to the sky where the sun will be, with the issue firmly in your thoughts, check with the sun to display you the place or whereabouts of what it is you are hunting for. Usually a certain sunbeam will either glow brightly or capture your notice in a single way or a different, comply with this beam of daylight, you might even expertise yourself flying over the landscape, and where this unique sunbeam touches the ground, that is the place the location is. When you recognise the site, and can correlate it to an real physical place, it is then time to return. So change about and go again to the position where by you started from, and when you have returned, carefully come to feel yourself again in the actual physical planet, and gently open your eyes.

Remembering the 2nd basic principle of have confidence in, test the facts out, consider and get verification of the validity of the journey, hold on carrying out this until eventually you have made trust and the assurance will then abide by.

Shamanic Trance Postures.

An additional form of certain strategies is the human body of perform known as Shamanic Trance Postures. They take the form of particular specific bodily postures. These postures are gateways to an altered point out of consciousness, and visionary encounters. This body of know-how originates from historical civilisations and many indigenous cultures through the entire world. Rediscovered in the 1970’s by the renowned anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, these postures are a piece of living background from our heritage of religious tradition.

It includes keeping non-arduous, but precise physical positions with each other with an accompanying rhythmic sound eg. Shamanic drumming or rattling. There are a number of specific postures for divinatory needs, for example the Nupe people in sub-Saharan Africa, use these ritual postures, and in the a single that their divinatory shamans function with provides the knowledge of detachment and a dispassionate persepective of the query.

An Physical exercise – Nupe Divination Posture

The moment again meditate or emphasis on your concern, as with this work it definitely allows if the dilemma is sharp, no ‘ifs’, ‘shoulds’ , ‘but’ and so on, get your query as razor honed as achievable.

Sit on the ground, leaning toward your left and supported by your remaining arm. Keep your remaining arm rigid, with your hand at a proper angle to your overall body. Location your left hand at a location 3 to 5 inches to the remaining of your human body and just driving a straight line drawn along the again of your buttocks. Bend the two legs at the knees with equally feet pointing to the proper, positioned so that your left foot is resting just to the still left of your correct knee. Place your right hand on your decreased still left leg, in which the muscle indents about halfway down your calf. Shift your head a bit to the left, so you are wanting more than your remaining knee, and close your eyes.

If attainable pay attention to a shamanic drumming or rattling tape, as this will improve the visionary prospective and would make the experience smoother, and more highly effective. Allow the visionary imagery , or just basic ‘knowing’ to just take put, when you have a feeling of an remedy (even if you do not understand it rationally) just carefully release yourself from the posture, and occur back absolutely into the current. If an remedy is not straight away understood, incubate it, play with it, draw or paint it, this is critical as the response is not often addressed to the rational head. Being with the imagery or eyesight will generally lead to a deep and profound revelation.

To conclude there are several other means of divination in shamanism many which underlie very well known procedures eg divination with quartz crystals, casting of objects, Scrying.

As the Tungus shamans of Siberia say “we are all linked, we are all one particular”. So is it no speculate that we can find ourselves through the normal entire world.