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Some Great Home Teeth Whitening Ideas

Some Great Home Teeth Whitening Ideas

There is no image-killer as potent as stained teeth. Most people who find themselves in this predicament, often find it difficult to smile or even speak in front of others. However, one does not have to endure such a condition because there are several home teeth whitening ideas that can help alleviate the problem.

Know the cause: Strong teeth rarely get stained while on the other hand, weak teeth that are already damaged get stained easily. The first step is usually to find out the cause and then correct it. Excessive consumption of tobacco, sugar and acidic foods or drinks are major causes. Drinking water containing high levels of fluoride when the teeth are still being formed is another cause. Such foods and drinks should therefore be taken in moderation or done away with altogether especially before going to sleep.

Mouth Hygiene: It is good to practice good hygiene and keep the mouth clean at all times. Using mild toothpaste and a brush of medium strength prevents further abrasion of the enamel.

Salt solution: Rinsing the mouth with salt mixed with water helps to safely kill bacteria that damage teeth.

Strawberry Fruit: Strawberry is excellent as a home teeth whitening solution. It works perfectly when rubbed on the teeth either whole or in paste form.

Bark of a Walnut tree: When rubbed on teeth, it kills bacteria and effectively cleans and whitens teeth.

Henna: A few drops of Henna added to water is very effective. Also known as Hydrogen Peroxide, it is a good oxidizer that kills bacteria and whitens teeth in the process. It may, however, be harsh on gums.

Calcium: It is important to eat foods rich in Calcium as these make the teeth strong and therefore not easily stained. This is a preventive measure and is perhaps one that anyone who wants healthy white teeth should adhere to.

Taking plenty of water: When bits of food remain stuck on teeth for a long time, they can provide a breeding ground for bacteria that destroy teeth. Taking a lot of water is important because it washes away such food.

All these are safe methods to use at home. Although using others like Lemon and Baking soda are also effective, they are best avoided. The acid in Lemon juice is harsh on the teeth and baking soda is abrasive. The key thing to remember is that when teeth begin to get stained, they are already damaged and great care should be taken when applying any home teeth whitening ideas.