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Switzerland: Heaven for Indian Students

Switzerland: Heaven for Indian Students

Every aspiring student has a wish to get the best level of education from a renowned institution. They search for different options only to get confused because every source they refer just adds to the number of suggestions. Well, your search can rest now as the place people find heaven to visit and wander around is even better for the studies. The Swiss universities have evolved rather quickly as the world’s top education destination.

To study in a foreign country is not easy. It isn’t that easy to step out of your comfort zone and start working. Some of the major factors which affect the decision of studying abroad are,

  1. Cost
  2. Placements
  3. Higher studies
  4. Language

So let’s start with the most dominant of all the issues.


Well, the cost of study in Switzerland varies from 100 Euros to 1600 Euros depending on the course you have applied for.

The tuition fees for Bachelors and masters varies between:

900-1600 Euros depending on the location you have chosen.

And the tuition fee for Ph.D. courses is not more than 100-200 Euros.

Cost of studying is much cheaper than the cost of living, which is if you live in a little remote location like, Bern or Basel, you can make your living in not more than 900-1100 Euros. And if you move to some of the better places like Geneva or Zurich, you will have to spend between 1200-1700 Euros for your living.


The next big issue is to get a placement. Any company who is willing to hire new employees gives preference to the experienced candidates. Keeping this thought in mind every Swiss university has made it mandatory for every student to have an internship every year to improve their practical knowledge and generate a good level of experience for any recruiter.

This step has indeed made Swiss Universities as a good platform to go and start earning a good and reputed amount of money with the minimum efforts.

Higher Studies

As discussed above higher studies in Switzerland is much cheaper. In addition to this the Swiss government has made it much easier for the students to study overseas by allowing them to work while they study. However, it is a precondition for the students to get a written consent from the university which states that the university has granted such a permission to the student.

A student can work alongside his studies. But in a preferable manner, a person should not work as the burden from the university is quite heavy throughout the session.


Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, where the main languages spoken are, French, German and Italian. All the courses are mainly considered to be pursued in these 3 languages, but there are a number of courses in which the instructions are thoroughly in English and if found a student can easily apply for the course. Or if you have any level certificate in any language like B1/B2 you can easily get through any of the course easily.