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The Fact About Henna

The Fact About Henna

Not long ago the Food and drug administration introduced that black henna momentary tattoos may well outcome in burns and scars on the skin. But the “henna” products and solutions which result in these reactions have chemical additives, and are not a pure plant solution. Numerous prepackaged hennas incorporate other botanicals, synthetic dyes, and in some cases dangerous compounds, this sort of as PPD (para-phenylenediamine) which can trigger severe blistering.

There is only a single “real” henna (lawsonia inermis) which is generally referred to as “red” or “rajah” henna. Rajah henna powder is made use of to tint the hair, to dye textiles, and for Mehndi – a “temporary tattoo” entire body artwork practiced largely in India and Nepal. Gals use it to put attractive styles on their skin, generally the hands and feet, in preparation for special situations this kind of as standard Hindu weddings. When utilizing it as a hair color, it forever binds with the hair and the coloration gets richer with repetitive use. Henna is also an outstanding conditioner that enhances the overall health of the hair.

Two crops that are utilized in a very similar way as true (red) henna, which incorporate black “henna” (Indigofera Tinctoria) and neutral “henna” (Cassia Obovata.) Black henna is employed the exact way as red henna, but stains black as an alternative. Cassia is mostly applied for its conditioning and antimicrobial houses, but can also increase tones in blonde hair.

When mixing henna for a hair dye, you must increase some thing acidic these kinds of as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to activate the dye. To increase the dye creation, include essential oils of tea tree, cajeput, or ravensara. Other important oils can be used for this function, but these 3 feel to get the job done ideal. For the liquid to combine with the henna powder, you can brew a tea (choose hibiscus to enhance the crimson tones) or only use heat water. Insert liquid until it will become a yogurt-like regularity. You can get resourceful and insert other points to the combination, this kind of as beet root powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, etcetera. to make a tailor made blend. When the henna has turned a dim shade of brown, the dye has unveiled and you can now apply it to the hair (remember to use rubber gloves!) Include hair with plastic wrap and/or a towel, and go away it on for a minimum amount of four hours, or right away. Making use of warmth, this kind of as a blow dryer, can expedite the method. If you want to situation the hair without altering the coloration, only go away the henna in for a small time, or just use the cassia/neutral henna. Mixing henna for skin is a really comparable course of action, but it must be designed into a thicker paste, like the regularity of mashed potatoes. You can apply the henna with a bottle or an icing tube.

If you want a thoroughly clean natural item to coloration and nourish your hair, or if you want to indulge in some short term human body artwork, true normal henna merchandise are a fantastic preference. Use caution to make certain the henna merchandise you invest in do not incorporate additives and chemical.