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The Spiritual Overlord

The Spiritual Overlord

Believe it or not, all human beings have a spiritual overlord. A powerful being who is capable of any feat, nothing is too difficult for this being. Folk tales have been rife with tales of superior powerful beings who helped their wards, eg, fairy godmothers, genies. etc. Though we might consider this tall tales, remember there is no smoke without fire. Investigate the story behind the stories and consider that there is truth in this myth of genies and fairy godmothers. Take for example, the concept of prayer. All religions and adepts pray either to the One God or other gods, what is this process of prayer? and what exactly do we hope to achieve by this concept of prayer? According to basic religion prayer is the lifting up of heart, mind and spirit to God or whatever deity whom we feel has the power to help us out of our situations. It has always been like this from ages past, whatever we feel that will better help us in communicating to the unknown. Objects of wood, stone, glass etc, altars, signs and anything that we feel will help us fix our mind to our object of worship.

Allow me to let you into a very big secret, the power is in us! Yes, the whole power we need is at our beck and call. Just ask for help and we will get it. Why do we go to the ends of the world to look for help on every mountain when all we have to do is open our mouths and ask and we shall receive. Yes, this is a powerful secret that have been known to great men for a long time, the secret of asking and the force of will to bring our desires into reality. I call it the Eureka Syndrome. Look at it from this angle to make it simple we have powerful spiritual beings assigned to us who are charged to protect and watch over us. Various books of wisdom including the bible have made reference to the great secret, do you remember the Lord Jesus charged us not to offend the little children for their guardian angels look upon the face of God in heaven, the same applies to all of us. We can either choose to go through life and acknowledge their presence or we can remain in ignorance of them and suffer the consequences. Take a moment and think about it where do the sudden ideas come from, what is the source of dreams and inspiration and why are they so few for some, rampant for others and non-existent for the majority.

The sad thing is that most are content to live their life and ignore their spiritual consorts, and what a mundane life it will be. While other seek daily their link to the divine and everything seems to go right for them, then the rest of us turn and grumble and mumble, wake up please. This power is there if only we will reach out and touch it. Human beings are God’s greatest creation, the envy and adoration of the heavenly host. To crown it all we are endowed with the gift of free will, a very rare spiritual gift. Free will means we are free from outside control and have the power to choose our own fate. NO power can dictate to our spirit except by our own free will. This then is the situation, what must we do then to tap into this power, the power is in us we only need command results by the force of our will and watch our spiritual overlord jump to achieve our desires.

Watch out for part two of this series. Keep speaking your destiny.