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Tips & Trends – Holiday 2008 Color

Tips & Trends – Holiday 2008 Color

The holidays, sigh, are perhaps the most exciting – yet, hectic time of year. Attempting to squeeze in holiday shopping between turkey dinners, work, and the endless list of parties can be a bit trying. So, for a touch of inspiration, here’s a list of some colorfully inspired ideas (pun intended!) and where to buy.

I’m aiming to suggest the ideal gift, a few stocking stuffers, a gift set idea and some new favorites. It can’t hurt to buy yourself something nice, too.

Go Green

With talk of climate change and carbon foot prints, 2008 is the year to go green. There’s certainly no shortage of all natural or organic beauty products lately. But my favorite for the year is Greek-based Korres Natural Products – specifically the hair care line.

Taking homeopathy to a new level, Korres offer shampoos, conditioners and treatments that use interesting herbal combinations to address common hair concerns. For daily usage there’s Aloe and Soapwart, Acacia Milk for dry hair, Sage and Nettle for intense cleansing, and Sunflower with Vitamin F for color treated locks. These higher-end products make for perfect stocking stuffers, or could even be a personalized gift set.

New Favorites: Juniper and Olive Tree Shampoo, Achillea Conditioner
Stocking Stuffers: Green Silt and Coralina Oligoelements Hair and Scalp Scrub, Yucca Soft Shine Wax

Where to Buy:,

Pomegranate Red

Pomegranate is still the ‘it’ ingredient. A miracle fruit chock full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, these red fruits may just be the secret to eternal beauty. This makes pomegranate-infused products a perfect present for those youthful spirits in your life. BORBA regenerates skin’s appearance with a full line of moisturizers, makeup and vitamin-rich powders to clarify and improve complexion.

The BORBA Clarifying collection uses pomegranate and cotton fiber to both clarify and replenish skin, using antioxidants to balance skin. Featuring facial cleansers and treatments for day, night or oil-control, this BORBA collection has something for everyone. Including enriched lip tints or bio-vitamin powder packets for beautifying skin on the go.

Stocking Stuffer: BORBA Nutraceuticals Lip Tint – Soft Kiss or Divine
Perfect Gift Set: Pomegranate & Cotton Fiber Complexion Perfecting Treatments

Where to Buy:,

Karma Chameleon

Hair styling can be a tedious process. However, there’s a new kid in town. I’ve seen a few articles about the Chameleon 5 in 1 Advanced Hair Styler, and it seems to get a lot of positive reviews. Here’s my two cents – this is the perfect present for any tween or college student, as well as the seasoned hair obsessed fashion plate.

Not only does Chameleon have a fascinating prismatic design, but so far, I’ve managed to see it create every possible style. From the makers of Sedu and Solia, Chameleon uses the new mineral plate technology plus ceramic and tourmaline to provide even temperatures without causing damage. Plus it has variable temperature settings and a one-year warranty.

Ideal Gift: Chameleon 5 in 1 Advanced Hair Styler

Where to Buy: Only available at Folica

Hazy Shade of…

It’s never been a big secret that hair color can fade between trips to the salon. To fight against fading, celebrity stylist Ken Paves created Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops to enhance color and sheen while strengthening color treated strands with wheat and soy proteins. Added UV protection and humectants keep hair moist and conditioned protecting it from further damage.

With six shades, the Color Drops mix right into your conditioner, so you control how much drama to add. Plus, since the drops fade with the next washing it’s easy for you to rejuvenate your color on a daily basis.

New Favorites: Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops

Where to Buy:, Hair

Paint the Season Red

Winter weather seems to make people dreary, and it wreaks havoc on nails. Personally, I think it’s a great time to spice up dark clothes with a touch of bright nail color. Try China Glaze nail lacquers as a winter accessory or stocking stuffer, with pinks, reds, purples and everything in between. The line features cuticle gel, calcium fortifier, nail strengthener, top coat and lacquer complete with hardeners for quick-drying and durability.

China Glaze nail lacquer is a petite present guaranteed to add some joy to the holidays, or perk up a party dress.

Stocking Stuffer: China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners

Where to Buy:,